Guided Navigation

Help your agents dig out from the information landfill and guide them through applications and procedures with concise answers provided by context-sensitive-help. A single click determines the applications running and instantly displays a visual task flow with step-by-step guidance. Relieve agent fatigue and stress while improving both the agent and customer experience.

Speech Analytics

Hidden away in your call recordings is valuable enterprise intelligence that can change your organization’s approach to problem solving, if you know how to use it. Speech analytics provides crucial customer insight by lending context to customer and agent conversations. It delivers up information to improve service, reduce costs, tweak marketing and advertising campaigns, and drive customer program deployment.

Desktop Analytics & Automation

Stop agent fatigue and stress by understanding how legacy applications and procedures impact customers without modifying your systems. Automate and integrate applications so that agents zip through application transactions and remain focused on the customer.

Performance Dashboard

You wouldn’t drive a car without a dashboard so why are you managing your contact center without one? Leverage the full potential of your people, processes and technology with a clear, complete and accurate view of your operations. Be inspired to align, equip and empower your team like never before, and watch your performance soar.

Customer Notifications

Engage your customers anytime, anywhere, on any device with intelligent message routing and notifications. Popular channels (SMS, MMS, email, QR codes, IVR) on a high-availability platform ensure you stay in touch with customers whether it’s with triggered alerts, campaign and preference management, multimedia sharing or geospatial scheduling. Raise the bar with customized engagement  for the now customer.

Energy Analytics

As energy utility agents transition to energy advisers, they need tools to analyze consumer energy needs and help customers make smart decisions. Turn high bill complaints into positive customer testimonials by giving customers cost-saving choices about their energy efficiency. Or let customers explore different energy saving options with a robust web application analyzer linked to their energy data.


Impact Analysis Discovery

A number of challenges may conspire—and feed on each other in a vicious cycle—to prevent your organization from delivering the best possible customer experience. We can help you understand how your organization got into this predicament and how to dig yourself out, however daunting it may seem. We’ll make clear what’s getting in the way of improving your customers’ experience and what can be done to help agents deliver the best experience possible.

Managed Speech Services

Want to use speech analytics but lack trained, dedicated resources and a governance model to drive change? Remove those obstacles with a managed speech analytics solution and reap the rewards. Focus on implementing and driving change through the organization with our methodology driven analysis. Start improving service and reducing costs with the valuable enterprise intelligence in your call recordings.

Content Transformation

Start realizing your ROI with guided navigation early with experienced technical writers. They will transform your existing content using an instructional design methodology to strip away the “why” and emphasize the “how” information. We’ll leverage your subject matter experts but get you through initial deployment phases and mentor you along the way. Get up to speed, fast!